Palma Ceia, Tampa - Neighborhood Review

There seems to be some confusion over the origins of the name Palma Ceia Tampa. Some say it means 'Heavenly Palm', while recent translations give the meaning as 'Bay Palm'. The misunderstanding comes from the use of both Spanish and Portuguese terms that hold a number of possible definitions. Whatever the intended meaning, it simply adds to the exclusiveness of this beautiful neighborhood with its grand houses on oak-lined avenues. Adding further to the unique character is the fact that many of the street names are Cuban, named after the streets of Havana.

Unique and Exclusive

There is an overall sense of uniqueness to Palma Ceia Tampa, which becomes obvious when you take a drive through the area, enforced by the presence of the Palma Ceia Golf & Country Club. Demographic statistics show the neighborhood as being made up of almost 100% white-collar workers, with an annual income double the national average, which is reflected well in the look and feel of the district. And in spite of the obvious signs of prosperity, crime figures are below the national average.

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If there is a 'fault', as such, it is that there is no defined center to the neighborhood. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing when you consider that its own, roughly central, location, with excellent connections via the Selman Expressway and Dale Mabry Highway, means that you have quick access to nearby attractions and neighborhoods.

Palma Ceia boasts some of the most highly-rated boutiques, cafes, and restaurants in the city, many of them set within the Palma Ceia Business & Design District. This impressive complex overlooks the famous Bayshore Boulevard, housing a selection of over 100 boutiques, shops, restaurants, and cafes, each offering something unique. There is a definite cosmopolitan feel about the place, with foods from all around the world, including Japanese, Greek, Mediterranean, British, Irish and Lebanese, to name but a few.

Not only can you pamper yourself at the health and beauty spas here, but you also can immerse yourself in culture, with a range of art galleries or antique shops set within converted houses. If such old-world treasures or artistic delights are not for you, then you may prefer the cutting edge interior show-rooms or modern fashion boutiques. There really is something to suit everyone's tastes.

Returning to the Bayshore Boulevard mentioned briefly above, this is a continuous 4.5 mile sidewalk stretching from Hyde Park to Ballast Point, skirting the edge of Hillsborough Bay. It is popular with joggers, cyclists, and dog-walkers and really is something special with its stunning views over the bay, and grand houses dotted along its course.

Eclectic, unique, exclusive, diverse - these are a few of the words that you find associated with Palma Ceia Tampa. There is a definite feeling that many house buyers, especially young professionals, are bored with the standard 'cookie-cutter' gated communities with no atmosphere. Palma Ceia offers an antidote here, something with character and style, with the best of both the old and the new worlds.

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