Introducing: The Neighborhoodies Blog!

Welcome to the new and official Neighborhoodies blog! We wanted to share our knowledge, insight, and love for local neighborhoods in the Tampa, St. Pete, and Sarasota areas.

We live in St. Petersburg, Florida in a small neighborhood called Fossil Park. We had never heard of it before purchasing our home about a year ago but are falling in love with it more each day. The process of buying a home and doing our research showed us how difficult it was to find clear information regarding specific neighborhoods.  

We found a few unorganized forums filled with random facts and opinions, as well as several articles talking about neighborhoods but all featured the same ones. Every neighborhood, no matter how big, nice, or centrally located, is going to have its pros and cons.

This is the kind of information we wish we had access to! So, that’s exactly what we aim to solve with our Neighborhoodies blog for everyone else!

We’ll take a look at neighborhoods around the areas we sell neighborhood apparel for and take a deep dive into the pros, cons, and our personal takeaways. There’s a perfect neighborhood out there for everyone and with our residency tenure in the Tampa Bay area, we want to help you find yours!

We’ve lived in the greater Tampa Bay including Tampa, Sarasota, and St. Petersburg. Between them all, we have over 28 years of knowledge, knowing the region like the back of our hand. We want to share our passion and insight about the neighborhoods, making up where we call home.  

Originally Neighborhoodies started because we saw a need for local neighborhood pride. With so many cool, funky, and eclectic pockets of greater Tampa Bay developing, we noticed there was a passion when people spoke about their local neighborhoods. With this in mind, we wanted to provide any and all residents a way to show off where they call home, as well as take pride in where they live. 

The goal isn’t to divide people by neighborhoods or create rivalries. We call St. Pete, Tampa, and Sarasota our home because we lived in each city for a significant amount of time, getting to experience all of the unique qualities that make them special. While it’s completely acceptable to have great neighborhood pride, we need to remember that we are all one big community.  

Whether you live in Historic Kenwood, across the bay in Seminole Heights, or down south in Gillespie Park, we’re here to take a look at your neighborhood, discuss the pros and cons, and promote improvements. And of course, provide a neighborhood shirt so you can show the world just how awesome your local neighborhood is!

Thanks for reading and we hope you tune in to enjoy our discussion, but also be a part of the journey! 

We are always looking for new writers and contributors to our blog. If you or someone you know is interested in writing about neighborhoods in St. Pete, Tampa, Sarasota (or any other city we add in the future), be sure to contact us through email, linked at the footer of our site. 

To see all cities and neighborhoods we currently have shirts for, in addition to other apparel, be sure to check out our Neighborhoodies store!

Happy Shopping!

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