The Best Sushi In Tampa - 7 Freshest Sushi Spots

Sushi is incredibly flavorful Japanese cuisine anyone can enjoy. It’s prepared using small raw fish pieces wrapped inside rice and seaweed. And Tampa is one of the best places to indulge in sushi because of where it's situated!

Its location in the gulf coastline of Florida makes it easy for Tampa restaurants to access high-quality and fresh fish to sushi goers all across Tampa Bay. With so many restaurants in the area, it can be daunting to figure out what's the best sushi in Tampa.

And that’s EXACTLY why we’ve put together a list of the absolute best sushi spots in Tampa to help you decide where you can enjoy an exclusive, mouth-watering meals.

Here are our picks for the seven best sushi spots in Tampa:

Jackson's Bistro & Sushi Bar - Harbour Island

Located just outside downtown's city center on Harbour Island, Jackson's has a vast and sophisticated menu with various dishes, including hand-rolled sushi and delectable oak-grilled steaks. They also offer a comprehensive list of high-class wines you can enjoy while viewing the beautiful Tampa skyline and Garrison Channel.

This restaurant's swank and romantic setting make it a perfect spot to enjoy sushi with anyone, including your loved one. You can go to its Sunday brunches which usually take the buffet serving mode, with stations for sushi, waffle bar, and roast beef carving and ham.

Samurai Blue - Ybor City

This restaurant has two locations, in Ybor City and Westchase. However, the original and most-loved spot is the one in Ybor City due to the calm ambiance it provides. Most savvy diners rank both these spots for their excellent lunch options.

For example, they offer bento boxes with lots of food combinations ranging from sushi to beef ribs. You can go for a more familiar option, such as their teriyaki-salmon sandwich or panko-baked crab cakes with many tasty alternatives.

Although their dinner prices can be relatively high, Samurai Blue restaurants are usually packed with customers, and it's easy to see why. They have a sleek design, top-notch service and create fanciful maki, nigiri, and sashimi.

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Origami Sushi - Carrollwood

It can be easy to downgrade the quality of Origami Sushi since its situated in a Carrollwood strip mall. But most diners end up getting surprised at how tasty, well-crafted, and impressive their dishes are, including sushi.

The main emphasis of this restaurant is originality and presentation. You can begin with their pepper chicken skewers or green-baked mussels before seriously sampling their authentic raw cuisines. They make some of the best sushi in Tampa, with the freshest fish and high-quality rice incorporated with unique ingredients like tilapia and conch.

You can enjoy their discounts on sushi, beer, and saki during their 3-7 pm happy hour.



SOHO Sushi is among the most popular and best Sushi spots in Tampa. It has been regularly expanded and renovated to catch up with its increasing popularity and many customers. SOHO Sushi emphasizes providing fresh and creatively created sashimi and sushi made by their highly-trained and experienced chefs.

You can enjoy numerous local favorites like Red Devil (Lobster plus fried shrimp topped with avocado and tuna) and Green Menace (Tempura chips plus scallops wrapped inside avocado) rolls. The backdrop for their palatable dishes is its elegant and classy decor and relaxed ambiance.

Early reservations are essential since the restaurant is usually packed, plus it's nestled in the heart of one of the most happening areas of town, SOHO. They don't offer same-day reservations, so it's best to book reservations one day in advance to avoid inconveniences.

Yoko's Japanese Restaurant - South Tampa

Yoko's offers some of the freshest and best sushi in Tampa town. It's famous for its outstanding service and consistently tasty dishes, including creatively served signature house sushi rolls and traditional cuisines like Chirashi and other numerous Japanese foods.

Yoko's has also won many local awards due to its classy sushi favorites. It's a nice place to go if you find yourself in South Tampa if you want a informal setting that's kid friendly with a great kid’s menu.

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Ebisu Sushi Shack - Seminole Heights

Set in a 1928 concerted bungalow in the Seminole Heights neighborhood, Ebisu Sushi Shack is the best and most scenic sushi spot for anyone looking for a dynamic dining experience. Its owned by high-class chef Akemi Simmons and her spouse, who all intend to serve flavorsome sushi rolls and other homemade Japanese cuisines prepared from high-end and fresh seafood.

Ebisu Sushi Shack is rapidly getting famous for its laid-back, earth-toned environment and vibrant food and rolls with funny names from TV and movie characters like Naruto special and Hutt fried rolls.

You can enjoy more sushi specials, BOGO beers, and other dishes at their happy hour o 4:30-6:30 pm. It even provides a tapas sushi spot with foods like tuna nacho, assorted sashimi, and octopus carpaccio or yellowtail.

Ichiban Japanese Cuisine - Temple Terrace

Ichiban restaurant is situated directly opposite the University of South Florida in Temple Terrace, making it a famous dining area for college students. However, it’s the best eatery for everyone looking for palatable traditional Japanese dishes and many forms of sushi.

Their menu is full of sashimi and sushi varieties, including the mouth-watering fried tempura sushi rolls. If eating from an eatery isn’t your thing, they offer an online ordering option where you can place your order then pick up your food and eat from your home’s/office’s comfort.

Well, we hope you enjoyed our rundown of the best sushi in Tampa!  Let us know in the comments which ones you like the best.  


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