The Best Dive Bars In St. Petersburg, FL - Grungier The Better

Pristine beaches, ingenious street art, exciting outdoor activities...just a few reasons why St. Petersburg is an ultimate tourist destination for people from all walks of life.

It's a city that offers a plethora of activities for enjoyment for everyone, however, soaking up all the rays in the Sunshine City can be thirsty work! Dive bars are the perfect way to get indoors, cool off, and quench your thirst.

Dive bars are the real gems of St. Petersburg because they are common places for neighbors to develop a sense of community. They also provide a spot for visitors to not only enjoy affordable drinks but also immerse with the locals to better appreciate the culture of the community.

Here are the seven best dive bars in Saint Petersburg that'll allow you to enjoy the city in its rawest form possible:

Jwags - Crescent Lake

A friendly neighborhood bar that celebrates simplicity at its finest. Jwags on 4th Street North in Crescent Lake was established by Jim Wagenman, a science teacher who passed away in an accident just a few days after the bar was opened. The namesake of Jwags may not be around anymore but his dream and legacy live on. Crescent Lake Park is a popular destination where locals and visitors can enjoy a variety of activities and Jwags is just around the corner to serve you that much-needed refreshment and entertainment.

Jwags features a fire-and-rescue theme in its interior with a custom-painted ceiling that adds interest to its environment. There is also an electronic dartboard in the place for the dart tournaments that are held every Tuesday. If you’re an avid golfer, you will be glad to know that they have a Golden Tee Golf arcade game that provides an extra opportunity for enjoyment. Happy hour starts at 6:00 pm and ends at 7:00, so make sure that you arrive on time if you want to catch a good deal on drinks!

The Emerald - Edge District

If it's the archaic vibe that you're looking for, then the Emerald Bar on Central Avenue will definitely provide and more. This friendly neighborhood bar in Edge District will not only quench your thirst but also satisfy your palate. Emerald Bar features Irish and American cuisines as well as gluten-free options in their menu all at very reasonable prices.

Whether you're living or just visiting in the Edge District, Emerald Bar is the place to be. Aside from indulging in sumptuous affordable meals and drinks, you can also dance on the dance floor and just enjoy the night. The Edge District is a Mecca for shopping, food, drinks, art, nightlife, and Emerald Bar is at the center of it all.


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Slizzy McGee's - Fossil Park

Slizzy McGee's is your typical dive bar on 62nd Avenue North in Fossil Park. It is not situated in an easy-to-find location which makes it all the more appealing. If you're just a mere visitor in Fossil Park, looking for Slizzy McGee's is a gratifying adventure in itself.

Visit Slizzy McGee's to indulge in their affordable drinks while watching your favorite game or playing at their pool table. If you happen to drop by on a Monday, make sure to avail of their $1 tacos, it's a deal that you won't want to miss. The bar is commonplace for locals who need to unwind after a day's work which makes it a perfect spot to immerse in the diverse community of Fossil Park.

Wilson's - Allendale Terrace

Watching your favorite sport's team play live all by yourself is a sad affair. No matter how big your screen is, it's always better to enjoy the game with a few people who will share your excitement. At Wilson's, you can watch your favorite sports on their big screen together with the friendly locals in Allendale Terrace.

Wilson's is located on 4th Street North in one of St. Petersburg's best neighborhoods. Allendale Terrace is a beautiful community packed with family-oriented locals who love to have a good time. Whether you enjoy listening to live music or you prefer singing your heart out, Wilson's will definitely satisfy and more.

Taphouse 61 - Grand Central

If you're a craft beer enthusiast, then Taphouse 61 on Central Avenue can easily become your favorite place in St. Pete. Taphouse 61 is located in Grand Central which is the city's arts and entertainment district. It is a bustling neighborhood packed with bars and restaurants but there's something about Taphouse 61 that makes it stand out.

Taphouse 61 has a welcoming atmosphere that is enhanced by its rustic interior design. The moment you walk in, you will instantly feel that homey vibe that's relaxing and comforting. Wednesday would be the best time to visit Taphouse 61 for it is when they hold their weekly trivia contest that awards a Tampa Bay Dream Team trophy for the winner.

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Old Northeast Tavern - Old Northeast Tavern

The Old Northeast Tavern on 7th Avenue North is a long-established dive bar in the historic Old Northeast neighborhood in Saint Petersburg. It shares the historic character and the laid-back atmosphere of Old Northeast. For over a decade, the tavern has been a meeting place for neighbors and a spot where tourists could relax after walking the historic brick streets of Old Northeast.

Aside from the affordable beers on tap, the tavern also offers a variety of stone roasted pizzas, sandwiches, crisp salads, and more. Expect to enjoy their live music when you visit on weekends or on any special occasions in the community.

The Pesky Pelican - Jungle Terrace

The Pesky Pelican on 72nd Street North is the most popular dive bar in Jungle Terrace and possibly in all of St. Pete. It is a unique pub with a wide array of food and drink offerings that can satisfy your whole family. On all the days of the week, you can expect to enjoy live music along with other highlights.

Jungle Terrace is a neighborhood where wildlife and recreation opportunities are never scarce. The Pesky Pelican celebrates and honors the beauty of this community with its wildlife-themed pub that serves food and drinks to people of all ages.


Well, we hope you enjoyed our rundown of the best dive bars in St. Petersburg!  Let us know in the comments which ones you like the best.  

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