Ballast Point, Tampa - Neighborhood Review

Nestled securely in the safety of Hillsborough Bay, the neighborhood of Ballast Point Tampa is a shining example of the best that the city of Tampa has to offer. Of all the Tampa neighborhoods, this one stands out as offering something for those at all stages of their life's journey, from newlyweds, or those with young families, right up to couples enjoying retirement.

The six-mile wide peninsula known as South Tampa is comprised of several awesome neighborhoods, with Ballast Point being one of them. The neighborhood is a mix of residential urban and suburban housing, with a sprinkling of condos along the waterfront. There is a real sense of community, with family-friendly eating places, as well as those catering for a more exclusive and intimate feel, spread across the area.

A variety of unique shops and restaurants, you are spoiled for choice, with a cosmopolitan flavor sitting comfortably alongside the more traditional American offerings.

With house prices consistently being more than double the national average, you should be prepared for goods and services to reflect this, and though it is by no means the most expensive of the Tampa neighborhoods, prices can still be pretty high.

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The heart of the area is, without a doubt, Ballast Point Park, situated on the waterfront. From here you can enjoy spectacular views both out into the bay and back across to the city. Featuring a 600 ft long pier and shaded splash pool, this park will keep kids - and adults - amused for many hours.

With beaches at one end of the peninsula and walkways right along the other, it is an ideal place for families who enjoy the outdoors as well as waterfront activities.

Throughout the neighborhood, you'll find neat boutique shops and small restaurants. Whether you're wanting a great cup of coffee, a new outfit to sport around town, or even some new spearfishing gear, Ballast Point will have you covered.

The close proximity to MacDill Air Force Base may put some people off due to the planes taking off and landing at all hours of the day. Then again, many others won't see this as a problem with few reviews of Ballast Point ever mentioning this as a negative issue.

Overall, Ballast Point is presented as one of the best places to live in the Tampa Bay region, and it's easy to see why when you take a look at some of the positive things people are saying:

  • Quiet neighborhood
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Well-tended yards and properties
  • A holiday atmosphere with community events
  • Amenities like grocery stores and restaurants are within easy walking distance
  • Kid-friendly and dog-friendly (and even horse-friendly!)

Most of these would be enough to make anyone consider this place as a potential home, or vacation spot. The fact that crime statistics are well below average is enough in itself, with most folks claiming to feel safe when walking alone at night in the well-lit streets.

Although a car is recommended - especially for crossing the Gandy Bridge to sample the cultural delights of nearby St. Petersburg - it isn't absolutely necessary.

If there is a downside it's the ever-present threat of flooding due to its location, but there's a sense of pride about the place, which is reflected in the way the locals look after their neighborhood and each other in Ballast Point Tampa, Florida, and that's a thing to treasure in this day and age.

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