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Tampa vs St. Petersburg: Which City Is For You?

St. Petersburg and Tampa are two Florida cities set a little over twenty miles apart, each appealing to thousands of people in many different ways. It's a real challenge to research and present a balanced view of Tampa vs St. Petersburg, as certain aspects will be more important than others to some readers.

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The Ultimate & Honest Guide To The Best Tampa Neighborhoods

Tampa is one of the fastest-growing cities in America and we're going to breakdown 21  neighborhoods in our Ultimate Guide To the Best Tampa Neighborhoods. We take a look at all areas of Tampa from downtown to the suburbs and everything in between to show you the perfect Tampa neighborhood is out there for everyone!

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Edge District, St. Petersburg

If you pick any review of the Edge District St. Petersburg, you will notice that the words eclectic and vibrant are often repeated. And there's a good reason for this in that it accurately captures the atmosphere and ethos of the place.

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